Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tournament Games

Bringing New Life to Classic Games

With a plethora of online games out there, it’s getting hard to check out all the interesting options available. Some games just get buried in the list and fall into obscurity. Tournament Games is developing online game tournaments that you don’t want to miss out on. They already offer an array of games available for download, online play, or as mobile apps.

Tournament Games brings a wide variety of games that can be played at all times. All you have to do in order to play the games is to install the browser plug-in, and you’re good to go. You can also download the games if you prefer, and play them directly through the free software.

In addition to that, you can choose to play for free or play in the premium tournaments for a chance at real money prizes. There are many different games to choose from. There is SoliDroid Solitaire which is a game similar to Classic Klondike Solitaire. The objective is to stack the cards as fast as you can, but keep in mind that you can only go through the draw pile once per game. SoliDroid Solitaire was the first game that Tournament Games offered on Android Mobile, in addition to their online solitaire tournaments.

They also offer Trick Bowling tournaments, which is a fun and interesting bowling game. Mega Stars, a card game where the objective is to clear each level in order to get to the next round. Or even Fast Match Mahjong, which is a great update to the classic matching game. They even have a 3D Pool game called Aim-n-Aider Pool with astounding graphics and realistic gameplay.

The games load quickly and have vivid graphics. They also appeal to a vast amount of people. Some people enjoy the challenging aspect of the competitions, while others simply play the solo versions of the games for enjoyment while passing the time. Regardless of the reason, the developers have gained a lot of attention and loyal players in the past fifteen years.

These games are masterfully crafted, and give you a window into the past. The remind you of a time when gaming was simple and the main focus was on the gameplay, which in this case is a wonderful recreation of the old, real-life games. Tournament Games is a place where classic gamers can enjoy the games they the love in new updated versions. At the same time, these games are equally enjoyed by the younger crowd, as they have appealing graphics and bring all the fun of classic gameplay into this modern era.

Tournament Games holds thousands of tournaments in these games and more each day. Whether you prefer to play on your computer or on mobile, you can choose from a variety of games that they offer any time day or night. All in all, Tournament Games provides one of the best gaming experiences one can ask for. No matter what types of games are your favorite, they have something for everyone.

You can play their online games at

Or download their free TG Player's Pack.

Or check out their Android Apps on Google Play.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Birth of a Trend

A Retrospective Look at an Interview with Jack Pearson

On September 19, 2011 the founder and backbone of Tournament Games, Jack Pearson, was interviewed concerning his company and their newly released first Android App, SoliDroid Solitaire. A retrospective look at the interview gives insight into the triumphs and achievements the company has encountered in the past year.

Pearson stated in the 2011 interview that it was easy to find Solitaire in the, “original version,” but he wanted to develop a Solitaire game that was, “totally different.” He wanted a version that would keep, “players entertained and competitive,” in essence he set out to create the ultimate version of Klondike Solitaire. He started with the basic core structure of the game, then applied his own personal spin, and created an application that was like no other on the market.

Determined that his game would include tournament competition between real people, and never computerized players, Pearson incorporated his self-developed tournament structure and integrated the player versus player aspect of the game. He also included patent-pending features like SuperStax and PlayLater piles, thus adding aspects that would prove to provide players with hours of entertaining game play. The additional features gave each hand of the game diversification, and players were met with new and intriguing challenges to master each time they played.

When SoliDroid Solitaire was released in the Google Play Store, it was the only app featuring Solitaire competitions. Only a year later, there are more than half a dozen apps in the app store that feature Solitaire competitions. Evidently the addictive, competitive game play found in SoliDroid has sparked other developers to begin mimicking the idea through their own creations. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. This definitely attests to the quality of the idea that became SoliDroid Solitaire.

Tournament Games is still hosting their competitive style games at, as they were in 1997 when it all began. During the past year, they have introduced new gaming tournaments at, and new mobile apps have become available, as well. There is a lot of competition in the online and mobile gaming market, but the original ingenious minds that started the online competitive gaming trend are still creating new and improved games for everyone to enjoy.

Reference: Interview With Jack Pearson, SoliDroid Blog. 2011, September 19.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mental Benefits from Online Gaming
The List Keeps Growing

With all the hype of how computer games have a negative impact on those who play them, new light keeps being shed on the positive side of that debate each passing day. We have all heard of some of the benefits, such as improved concentration, problem solving ability, and coordination, however some benefits are just now being discovered. Here is a short synopsis of the benefits that have been found to stem from playing online games:

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making - Popular games seem to motivate players to strive to achieve better each time, therefore the motivation to attain these goals is also motivation to develop problem solving strategies to do so. This improves not only problem solving skills, but general decision making skills, as well.
  • Social & Communication Skills - Studies by a professor at the Nottingham University have shown that playing games can enhance social abilities, specifically in children who suffer from attention deficit disorders. It is thought that this benefit will extend to other classifications of people, including those with high functioning autism once more research data is available. Games have also been proven to better an individual's ability to work as a team player.
  • Motor Skills & Coordination - The act of moving the cursor on the screen by manipulating the mouse while playing has shown many benefits with large and small motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Mental Relief & Self Confidence - Games can definitely boost one's self confidence, however absorption in a game can also alleviate some of the stress of life in general. Hospitals even encourage very ill or injured children to play games, as it has been proven to take their mind off of their pain.
  • Bridging the Generation Gap - Undeniably, finding activities to build that lasting family relationship is hard in today's fast paced world. Parents and children who play games together, not only have a mutual conversation topic, but build a better relationship together during that shared time.
  • Enhanced Creativity & Technical Abilities - Individuals who play games have proven to score higher on tests of creative ability than those who do not. They also display a higher level of technical knowledge, which in today's technology based society gives them an advantage in the workforce and life in general.

The many social, cognitive, and physical benefits of playing games just keep multiplying. Whether your personal goal is to keep your mind as young and healthy as possible, or to simply escape the stress of life for a short while. The benefits are beginning to become proven results as more studies and tests are conducted. Most of us could really care less what the statistics and numbers are associated with the algorithms that are employed by the scientist who are testing the theories, however knowing that the benefits can come from games that we enjoy playing anyway is a nice surprise. So the next time you feel like sitting down at your computer and taking a break, go ahead... enjoy the benefits and your favorite game!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Online Billiards Games | The World of Internet Pool Tournaments

Back in the 1990s, when the Internet first became popular, it would have been hard to predict that one day the game of pool would be transferred to this new medium. The classic favorite game of the masses makes for exciting virtual action on the small screen. Today, Internet billiards games are some of the most popular games out there. features its own TG Pool all day, all night, every day of the year.

TG Pool is one of the top pool games you'll find on the Internet. It features incredibly realistic play with great graphics, full-screen action, and an easy-to-play design. Once you feel confident playing TG Pool, you can jump into any one of literally hundreds of TG Pool tournaments at are hosted by Tournament Games. You can compete with your neighbors or with pool players from around the world in their online tournament version of pool.

Tournament Games gives you the opportunity to choose how you play, when you play, and what you play, every day. Not only can you download TG Pool fast and for free, but you can also get in on the action of eight other great DirectX games online. Their webiste was the first site to bring real skill games to the Internet, which is why it remains a hotspot for many gamers.

They provide gamers of all skill levels hours of fun, without fear of downloading spyware or viruses. They will also protect your personal information and cater to their members privacy, so you can relax and concentrate on your game. If you have any questions on downloading or playing TG Pool, contact the outstanding support team by visiting their TG Support Page.

They have recently released a new version of the classic billiards game called Aim-n-Aider Pool. This version incorporates more up to date technology and high-definition graphics that were not available when the original game was developed. You can play it online at, on Android Mobile App, or on Facebook. With new challenges, this version is highly addictive, and as always available 24 hours a day for online competition.

The game of pool is no longer simply for smokey pool halls or large scale competitions. It is truly a game for anyone to enjoy, and now thanks to technological advances of the internet available anytime and anywhere.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook Game Tournaments – The Newest Facebook Gaming Trend

Facebook game tournaments are all the rage. What better way to show people how awesome your gaming skills are than by defeating them publicly in front of all their friends by participating in a Facebook game tournament? You might be wondering what kind of games are out there that provide facebook game tournaments. The list is lengthy, but there are a few that I recommend specifically based on my experience.

I prefer games that require you to develop skills and strategies in order to master them. This provides for hours and hours of fun while mastering all the subtle ways you can go about beating the game. This combined with the satisfaction of winning against other people who are playing against you in the game seems to me are the aspects of the best game tournaments on Facebook today. The other thing my favorite games all have in common with each other, other than of course having facebook game tournaments, is that you have the ability to win cash prizes with all of them.

All you have to do to win cash prizes is enter one of the paid tournaments, and then knock your competition right out of the top spot of the leader scoreboard! If you do not want to enter one of the paid Facebook game tournaments, there are always free tournaments that you can participate in.

So what are these games that I find so addictive? Right now, Tournament Games has Trick Bowling – a new version of virtual bowling that is by far more challenging than anything else you have played. Along with Trick Bowling, there is also Aim-N-Aider pool. Aim-N-Aider pool has all sorts of strategies to learn that can help you boost your score, such as bonus balls that give you extra points when you sink them into that hole. Then there is Solidroid, one of the most fun (and difficult) competitive solitaire games out there. The last game in the online facebook game tournaments is Mega Stars, one which will indeed require some skill to master, but is extremely fun to play.

All of these games can played via your Android tablet as well, so you are not restricted to just playing on your laptop or computer. The time has come, it is time to test skill against other players. If you feel like you want to be part of the competition, but you are unsure whether you are good enough yet, play against the computer for a little while. There is no shame in training to get better, and they offer free online versions that you can play outside of the tournament atmosphere so that you can practice as much as you would like. Once you have some confidence, enter into the free tournaments and see what kind of virtual prizes and recognition you can get. After wetting your feet a little and doing a few rounds of competition with other players in the free tournaments, you can then see if you got what it takes to master the paid facebook game tournaments. Then you can begin to win real cash prizes and challenge your Facebook friends to see who has the best gaming skills and is truly worthy of the championship title of “Tournament Master”!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Veteran Juggernaut of Online Skill Gaming –

This website is one of the longest – if not THE longest ran website around on the internet when it comes to online gaming. We are not just talking about any sort of game either; we are talking about online skill games. Unlike those games of chance, or playing virtual slot machine games, these games actually take skill and tenacity to beat them. The cool thing about Tournament Games is that the games are never playing against a computer, there is a whole social aspect of competing with real life players from around the world, competing in both free and paid tournaments for prizes and most of all… recognition of just how much gaming skill you have.

All of the games here are free to play too, so you get to learn how to play and cut your teeth against the computer before dueling it out with a real life person. As your online skill gaming prowess grows and morphs into legendary status, you will be able to move from just playing in the free competitions to moving into the paid competitions.

By the way, if you are wondering how the website actually makes money to host these free games for you, it is through the paid competitions. When you pay your fee to get in, you stand the very real chance of winning real tangible prizes not on a game of chance like all those boring slot machine games, but in a game of skill and talent, of calculating thought and unyielding endurance against your opponent.

So what games are there for you to take a swing at?

The website consists of a range of games, some of them you may be familiar with at first glance. The familiarity will end there though. Each of the classic games, such as virtual pool games, have both the classic set of rules as well as a few twists that are thrown at you during the game. For example, their online bowling game consists mainly of normal online bowling game rules, but with added obstacles, various pin formations, sides on the lanes for special shots that take “curve balls” in order to knock down all the pins. Or with the online pool games, there are bonus points and multipliers you can achieve based off just how skilled you truly become in the game.

Between Trick Bowling, Aid-n-Aider Pool Tournaments, Mega Stars, and Solidroid, there is a growing variety of games for you to cut your teeth on and grow your online gaming skills while doing so. Many of these games can be accessed easily with your Android, or even more conveniently – via your facebook account. In fact, most of the online tournaments at Tournament Games predominantly take place over facebook now. What easier way exists for you to invite your friends to play some Trick Bowling with you and beat them down in a free tournament than over facebook?

Remember, as you get better, consider entering the paid tournaments. There is nothing more fun than going up against another truly skilled opponent in an online skill game. The most skilled players will always be in the paid tournaments, after all, they are playing for keeps and the prizes there are real tangible prizes that you can win. Not to mention the recognition of being the champion with your name at the top of the leaderboard for everyone to see your achievements, so saddle up and come over to and let the games begin!

Trick Bowling – The Ultimate Virtual Bowling Game

Online bowling is typically pretty boring, the good news is that with the advent of Trick Bowling, your virtual bowling can finally be an awesome and fun experience. Let me explain. Trick Bowling at first is like any other online bowling game. Obviously, the faster you knock down the pins the higher the score you are going to get. The goal is to knock down all the pins before a timer (which is very lengthy) runs out, attempting to acquire the highest score possible.

This is where Trick Bowling ends all commonality with other virtual bowling games. Unlike other online bowling games, Trick Bowling adds some interesting twists to the much loved and traditional bowling game. Unlike in traditional online bowling games, in Trick Bowling you can throw the ball as many times as you want, and will have to overcome unique pin patterns such as X's and O's, with sometimes having more than just 10 pins to take down at a time.

Trick Bowling can unleash up to a 100 pins at one time, and with settings that adjust how hard or easy it is to maneuver the virtual bowling ball, there is a lot of variance in the game. Depending on your setting for the bowling ball, it could affect the curve of your throw by quite a significant amount. With the added pins and various pin formations, it is going take sometime to acquire the skill needed to succeed in this game than in your traditional online bowling game.

Along with the various pin patterns, you may also get your gutters replaced with side rails. These side rails create an interesting new development to the game as you can roll bank shots, bouncing the bowling ball off of the various sides in attempts to knock down as many pins as possible. Another added obstacle to the virtual bowling game is the idea of posts. In Trick Bowling, posts can be added in the lanes where the pins can surround the post or lay behind the post, forcing the player to learn how to properly roll a “curve ball” to snake the bowling ball around these posts and successfully knocking down the pins.

All of these combined create a bowling game that is far more challenging than any other online bowling game out there. Considering Trick Bowling is designed by Tournament Games, one of the longest running websites for games requiring skill, it is no wonder that the game has raised the bar quite significantly.

It will take you hours (and probably some frustration till you get the hang of it) to master the game and knock down all the pins. You have a generous timer and all the patterns have been tested to be able to be cleared successfully. It is up to you as the gamer to roll the boll correctly, master the curve and the “bank shot” as some of the levels require this in order to succeed. In the end, Trick Bowling is probably one of the, if not THE, most entertaining online bowling games to date.

Plus, it is brought to you by Tournament Games! For the competitive player inside of you, that means you can show off your skills in both free and paid tournaments. What is better? Being endlessly entertained mastering virtual bowling, or being endlessly entertained mastering virtual bowling while winning awesome prizes to boot?

You can have it all with Trick Bowling, the hot new online bowling game brought to you by Tournament Games, so what are you waiting for? Let's get to the online bowling game and start playing!